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Hollander's Deal Book CoverHollander's Deal It is 1948. Robert Rosedale is an ambitious 28-year-old and a recent graduate from the University of Pennsylvania. He faces a dilemma: continue his graduate studies and a life analyzing the GNP, or pursue a long-held desire, a career in the theater as a play producer. He opts for the latter when he overhears two old gentlemen discussing their lives while sunning on the Atlantic City beach.

Ben Meyer, impressed with Robert and his spiel, bankrolls the wunderkind to blossom on Broadway with a surprising hit. By this time, Robert has acquired all the accoutrements of his rapid success, including a lovely assistant, Dolores, his confidant and glorious bed partner.

Intrigued by the publicity of the play and its dynamic young producer, Hollywood starts a bidding war for the movie rights. Lucas Hollander, of Hollander films, makes an offer impossible to reject. The fact that Hollander has a daughter, Stephanie, designed by the Gods, had not been anticipated. However, things are seldom what they seem, and for Robert the realization hits with sledgehammer force, sexually, morally and philosophically. He is compelled to make a soul searching decision that will alter his life.

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