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Peter Mark Richman will appear at the Hollywood Show for
photos and autographs. April 12th, 10-5 and April 13th 11-4 at
the Westin Hotel. (Westin LAX) 5400 Century Blvd. LA 90045

Peter Mark is on ME TV:


Also, Peter Mark Richman's play "A Medal for Murray," has opened on July 27, 2013 at the Beit Lessin Theater in Tel Aviv, Israel and just celebrated 100 performances. (Translated into Hebrew.)

An extensive interview with Peter Mark Richman and Actors Reporter, Danika Quinn.


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Scene with Janet Leigh on "House on Greenapple Road"
(Tv movie)

His television career began with live TV followed by his own NBC series "Cain's Hundred" as Nick Cain. After that came the series "Longstreet," "Dynasty," "Three's Company" and "Beverly Hills 90210." He has been a guest star in hundreds of television shows and movies including the classic sci-fi shows "Outer Limits," "The Twilight Zone," and "Star Trek : The Next Generation."

This year Peter Mark Richman hosted and narrated with The Philadelphia Orchestra,"An Evening of John Williams Music" for his 80th birthday celebration at the Mann Center. His son Lucas Richman was the guest conductor.

Peter Mark Richman has performed on Broadway, off-Broadway, in Theaters across the country, and has been a guest star in over 500 Television Shows and Movies.

Peter Mark Richman is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood. Coming from the Actors Studio and the Broadway Theater, he has appeared in many films including: "Friendly Persuasion," "The Black Orchid," "The Strange One," "The Dark Intruder," "For Singles Only" and "Naked Gun 2 1/2."

A serious and accomplished artist, he has had seventeen one-man exhibitions. Mr. Richman's first novel "Hollander's Deal," and his second book "The Rebirth of Ira Masters" are now available for purchase. He has recently completed the independent film 4 FACES, which he wrote, produced and stars in. POOL HALL JUNKIES, another independent film he appears in, is now in release & available on DVD.

Mr. Richman has recently recorded radio dramas available on CD, based on the original TWILIGHT ZONE television scripts. CD's currently available "Uncle Simon" & 'He's Alive."  

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As Andrew Laird in a "Dynasty" excerpt:

 Read the new interview with Peter Mark Richman,
(courtesy of

A fabulous CD has been released of Jerrald Goldsmith's music for the NBC-TV powerful series of the sixties, "Cain's Hundred" starring Peter Mark Richman as a mafia lawyer who quits representing them. (That's Trouble!) The disc with a booklet is full of pictures of the series action and guest stars. (FSM's silver and golden age classics, Screen Archives Entertainment.)

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Interview on "Night of 100 Hollywood Stars 2010"

Mr. Richman has just completed a short film called, "The Desperate." It is a powerful story of a Jewish surgeon slated to die in a concentration camp when he is compelled to save a Nazi General's wounded Lieutenant son.  

He sat in a make-up chair for 3 hours while a bald pate was applied and the accompanying "look."  

The film was submitted to the Academy of Motion Pictures in the short film category; and it will be seen in many film festivals in the coming year. On December 9, 2009 Mr. Richman  received an "Award of Excellence" from the Film Advisory Board for his performance and "Outstanding Contributions to the World of Entertainment."  

It has now won 33 Film Festival Awards across the country as Best Film in Short Film Category, (it's 32 minutes). And Mr. Richman has won several best actor awards.

Peter Mark Richman on

 "The Desperate." movie trailer

AFTER THE WIZARD.. A film Peter Mark recently shot will premier at the historic Kingman Theater in Kingman, Kansas on July 2, 2011, where a lot of the film was shot. After The Wizard is based on another book by L. Frank Baum who wrote the Wizard of Oz. It is a family picture and Mr. Richman plays a blind southern gentleman who meets The Tin Man and The Scarecrow on a train! is the website for the picture and has photos of the production.

Mysteria.. A murder mystery film has been completed and will be released shortly. Peter Mark plays a devious senator.

4 FACES is a film about four distinctly different people in crisis, and how each one relates and deals with his tangential relationship to God in that crisis. It was written by and stars Peter Mark Richman. 
It was directed by Ted Post.

"PETER MARK RICHMAN'S 4 FACES Is rich and engrossing, wonderfully written, acted and directed. Each of the four characters portrayed by this gifted actor appears as a complete and human being. It's as though you are witnessing four genuinely different personalities acted with great intelligence, wit and perception, by four different talented actors. It's remarkable." -- MARTIN LANDAU 

"RICHMAN is indeed a rich man...he's written four great character studies and then acts them out brilliantly." -- ELI WALLACH

Peter Mark Richman on

FACE #1   PASTOR GREGORY -- Delivers his sermon after being informed he is suspected of taking liberties with his female congregants.

FACE #2   CARLO -- A father reveals his difficult ordeal to a drug intervention group concerning his son.
FACE #3   GERHARDT -- A former SS Nazi officer living comfortably somewhere in South America has a visitor, his grandson.
FACE #4  DANIEL -- An 83 year old Holocaust survivor meets a young man in the park and reveals his philosophy of life.