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4 FACES is a film about four different stories and four distinctly different people in crisis, and how each one relates and deals with his tangential relationship to God in that crisis.

Harlan Gregory - A Southern fundamentalist pastor delivers his Sunday sermon after being informed he is suspected of taking liberties with some female congregants.

Carlo - A father reveals his difficult ordeal to a drug intervention group concerning his son.
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Gerhardt - A former SS Nazi officer living comfortably somewhere in South America has a visitor, his grandson.
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Daniel - An 83 year old holocaust survivor meets a young man in the park and reveals his philosophy of life.
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Directed by: Ted Post
Written by: Peter Mark Richman
Produced by: Peter Mark Richman and Ted Post
Cinematographer: Isidore Mankofsky
Art Director: John Senter
Edited by: Debra Light
Music scored, composed and conducted by: Lucas Richman

CAST INCLUDES: Gabriel Dell, Orien Richman, Lane Garrison, Julie Janney, Eugene Butler and Nehemiah Persoff


    "Wonderful, Outstanding!" - Karl Malden

    "He is another Paul Muni, a chameleon, fabulous, brilliant!" - Diane Ladd

    "I've never been more impressed." - Jack Klugman

    "Absolute perfection...sheer delight!" - Steve Allen

    "It is a question only of which FACE was most wonderful." - Shelley Berman

    "Remarkably talented actor!" - Theodore Bikel

    "Peter Mark Richman's '4 Faces' is rich and engrossing. It is wonderfully written, acted, directed and produced. Each of the four characters portrayed by this gifted actor appears as a complete and unique human being. It's as though you are witnessing four genuinely different personalities acted with great intelligence, wit and perception, by four different, talented actors.
    It is remarkable." - Martin Landau

    "It's magical...leaves you spellbound with four great character portrayals. Richman is indeed a rich man...he's written four wonderful character studies...and then
    acts them out brilliantly." - Eli Wallach

    "Peter Mark Richman is the complete Renaissance man. Painter, writer, and actor. 4 FACES is a real achievement...he is a deeply accomplished actor." - Lee Grant

    "...the triumph of 4 FACES is that Peter Mark Richman, the actor, disappears completely within each of the four distinct individuals Peter Mark Richman, the author, has created. What we see are the four characters in life, not the author at work. It is an artistic astonishment." - Charles Champlin

    "Wonderful...he's a fabulous performer." - Ann Miller

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